Monday, October 25, 2010

KFC uses genetically manipulated organisms

  • Claim: KFC uses genetically manipulated organisms
  • Status: False
  • Example:[collected on the internet,1999]

Why do some people believe that KFC don't use real chicken?

Every fast food chain gets its own urban legend these days, from worms in McDonald's to roaches in Taco Bell Tacos. It appears to be KFC's turn in the spotlight again ( their original legend about the fried rat has become a big long in the tooth), and they have become the proud owners of a legend intended to reflect another modern fear: genetically manipulated organisms. Many people believe in this legend and has passed it onto others. Some people think that they don't use real chickens because they don't like the taste of KFC.

What is the Truth? 
The truth is that KFC actually uses real chicken. This is because University of New Hampshire have no supporting evidence that KFC uses genetically manipulated organisms. Also, the links on the KFC site( such as the About KFC page) clearly describes the word "chicken" numerous times. So this proves that the government did not prohibit the company from using the word chicken.

Where does KFC get its chicken from?
KFC sells the equivalent of 736 million chickens per year. It will take them a monstrously huge chicken farm in order to supply itself with over a billion chickens annually. This means that KFC would not be able to make around a billion genetically manipulated chickens every year, so again it is proven that KFC uses real chickens.

Why did KFC change its name from Kentucky Fried Chicken?  
Kentucky Fried Chicken decided to change its name to KFC in 1991 for several reasons, none of them had anything to do with governmental regulations about mutant animals.

  • To remove the word "chicken because KFC wanted to have a varied menu of other types of food other than chicken
  • To eliminate the word fried because KFC wanted costumers to try their food instead of thinking that their food is unhealthy.
  • They were concerned about having long commercial titles because other companies used their abbreviation instead of their full forms 

How concerned we should be about genetically manipulated organisms is one thing, but no amount of concern or protest is going "make KFC use real chickens again" because "Real Chicken" is what they were using all along.



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